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  • parkerj7uc -

    It is in common.apk for search veiw in contacts and settings

  • parkerj7uc -

    <color name="tw_searchview_hint_text_material">#6ec90010</color>
    <color name="tw_searchview_text_material">#fffb4f14</color>
    <color name="tw_searchview_textfiled_normal_material">#ff000000</color>
    <color name="tw_searchview_textfiled_cursor_material">#ffe4e4e2</color>
    <color name="tw_searchview_textfiled_icon_color_material">#6ec90010</color>

  • Spitfire400 -

    Loving your work ! Themes on s7 edge are tremendous!

  • Mistercoolbeans -

    I consider myself very silent on your forums jds, I really do appreciate the amount of effort and work that is being put in for the Note 4, I consider myself more active on XDA than on here and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way as well. I wanted to show some appreciation before all of this has happened and I went out and purchased the Echoe Creations app which I found to be very useful and filled with goodies. I logged on today to check up on development on the Note 4 only to find myself disappointed by the private development that had been put today. I saw what had happened on XDA and wanted to report the post immediately because that is direct disrespect to those who own the ROM. It is a shame one individual needed to ruin it for all. Please if you have time to review my profile on XDA and grant me permission to view "S7 Edge Port for Note 4 910F Part 2" it would be much appreciated. My XDA profile is: MisterCoolBeans (forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=6364963) I have been here since October 2015. Thank you.

  • MoVo -

    Hi jds3118!
    I've been a member of this forum since September 2015. Please allow me to join the thread "S7 Edge Port for Note 4 910F Part 2".
    I'll really appreciate it!

  • Tibor Baji -

    Hello. I want to use S7 Edge Port- Part 2 Can you allow my to see the forum?
    My nick name on XDA - DeXTeRrR
    Thank you very much in advance as well

  • fuechi -

    Hello, Ive been a active member on echoe and xda site. I really like using the echoe Note 4 rom. If you don't mind, may I get a invite?

  • markworksfx -

    Hey can you pm me about the phone apk

  • SAИИOC⑥⑨ -

    here my friend myarom port beta 3 t-mobile
    change it to echoe