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  • bruno56 -

    Hi rakesh. sorry but the site n4 port7 is blocked? I can not log in anymore. thank you.

  • priji85 -

    Hello Rakesh,
    I dont know, how I can get access to part 2 of the S7e port... Unfortunately... Its been just few months.. I'm using Note 4.. exchanged with my LG G4. From the time.. I found Echoe.. I'm a member.. but it looks like Fried is not happy with new comers... Is there anyway you can help me.. unfortunately.. I cannot send a private message to Fried.. please help me...

  • priji85 -

    Hello Bro... I heard there will be a separate thread for Part 2... Please help me get it... my Xda user: priji85

  • priji85 -

    Hey Rakesh... Sorry I posted under the main forum about N910G. So as u said.. I have flashed v30.. everything is good..but found few bugs,... just wanted to croos check with u.. if u got the same issues.
    * Heavy battery drain.
    * Auto Brightness does not work
    I used the same bootloader which u had uploaded for the v29 forum.

    Please suggest remedies for the above, if you found something.. thanks in advance!

    • rakeshraimca -

      ok great...

      1) yeah battery draining is somewhat true but you need to manage it using synapse as well as other apps like greenify ..or app optimization inside smart manager etc...i am getting 12 hrs backup with 5 hrs sot with lionheart governer....

      2) yes auto brightness is having some issues..

      yes thats the latest bootloader...thats why u able to flash rom and enjoying it:)

    • priji85 -

      I actually flashed this BL ?: BL_N910G_XSA_COJ3.tar from the link androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=41389 and it seems to be working.. I flashed this BL since it was mentioned in OP that use BL OJ3...

      Seriously this ROM is awesome and supersexy... But what do you think about the battery drain and Brightness issues.. is it happening with N910F models as well or only N910G users has the issue...

    • rakeshraimca -

      see my reply above...you need to configure good settings so that it will drain less and some brightness issue u can ignore..fried will fix soon

  • priji85 -

    Hello, can you help me in flashing V30 S7e port
    on N910G

  • kanu1and -

    Hi Rakesh,

    Do you have 910G... what Kernel are you using with the ROM?

    • rakeshraimca -

      I am using echoe kernel 6.5....

    • rakeshraimca -

      try it..its on another level