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  • krishelnino -

    I sent a pic in the conversation, since I cannot attach it here. Check it there

  • krishelnino -

    Alright, I dialed that code using some app, and I couldn't find an option. So, I think I need to flash the stock ROM. Are you sure the option is listed as "TPU Update" ?

  • krishelnino -

    Hey, I need your help regarding the touch screen issue. I saw your post in the thread, and I didn't find the option for TPU UPDATE anywhere. Can you please help me. Thank You

    • Benny Bosser -

      Ow I'm sorry, I only saw your post just now.

      It was @Vidmas who offered me the solution :)

      Here's how to fix it my man:

      You dial *#2663#

      From there on you should find the TPU update amongst the options :)

      I think you'll have to flash a stock rom first since these dial codes most oftenly don't work on custom roms/ports. Hope this helps my friend :)