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Dear Echoeneans!
We would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Please share your love and caring with all those less fortunate than us. PEACE and LOVE!
Echoe Non-Stop Original Development
  • Wahanui -

    Cheers bro! ;)

  • sam77744 -

    s7edge beta 5 tread seen close.why?

    • dwarfer66 -

      He is sick of people complaining, all I said myself was I can't get new bootloader to install.

    • Kyri -

      I dont have a problem with you my friend. never had. actually the time i had (2 yrs ago) it was all my stupidity and misunderstading, i like you a lot and you always help with the mood.

    • dwarfer66 -

      No prob mate, I have always loved the way you have supported this rom and myself.

  • Darkwing_x -

    Happy Birthday.