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  • Kyri -

    Your account has full access my friend :)

    • Florekjf -

      Thx thx :) I already downloaded v6 for my S8 :) will flash it today after work :)

  • Kyri -

    The reason you dont have access to the private forums yet is because unfortunately paypal is reviewing the transaction for 2r hrs. Once its cleared you will have access automatically.. this is the email paypal sent us:

    Hello Echoe Development ,

    Marta Bielecka just sent you money with PayPal. To help protect you, we're reviewing this payment.

    The Payment Review may take up to 24 hours. When we've completed the review, we'll either clear or cancel the payment. If the payment clears: You may proceed to process the order. To know if your item is covered, check the 'Seller Protection' section of the 'Transaction Details' page and ensure that it states 'Eligible'.

    You shouldn't provide the item or service purchased until we let you know that the payment has cleared. We'll send you an email when we complete the review or you can check the Transaction History tab of your PayPal account.

    Marta Bielecka is a Unverified Customer

    Payment Details:

    Amount: €10.00 EUR

    Transaction ID: 9TM88186SF7702340

    You can view the details for this transaction by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking the "History" tab.View the details of this transaction online It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

    • Florekjf -

      Oh alright, thx for the answer :) i though i did something wrong . Hope to enjoy your content :)

    • Kyri -

      Thank you my friend :) and i hope to enjoy your company over here with us :)
      It shouldnt be long..
      And it will happen automatically..