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  • Mahatma -

    Are you still unable to join the private forums?

    • ChrisDeSilva -

      I finally found the donate part and paid to get access. I can now view them and have downloaded the latest updated S7 rom, but have also found that somehow my phone has deleted root access on its own. Will need to find a new way to root as the way I had done previously is apparently causing issues all over

    • ChrisDeSilva -

      I run the G935V S7 Edge on Verizon, and had followed an XDA forum to root and rom with the echoe aroma build several months back. Had issues multiple times and just reflashed the rom to fix. This time I have to wipe, reroot & add the new one to hopefully not have issues. Is there a more current root on here that I can follow to avoid the issues I've had? Sorry, I am not that up to date on the processes anymore.