Graeme Duncan Echoe Rocker....\m/

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  • from Wick
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, Reading thread [S8/S8 Plus] [UPDATE 30 DECEMBER 2017] [G950F/G950FD/G950N/G955F/G955FD/G955N] S8 Echoe Rom v12 [G955FXXU1AQL5] [AROMA] [CHOICE OF ROOT] [ANDROID PAY SUPPORT] [ECHOE ROM CONTROL]

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  • Spitfire400 -

    Happy Birthday tae ye, Happy birthday tae ye, Happy birthday Echoe Rocker ! Happy birthday fella, hope you have an awesome day.

  • Graeme Duncan -

    It was Alter Bridge at the Hydro in Glasgow in 2016 my friend.

  • Spitfire400 -

    I've only just figured out what the photo on your avatar is, was that at a gig recently?