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  • DuB -

    Happy Birthday, have a great day!

  • stoerte -

    Happy Birthday. Wish you all the best

  • DuB -

    Happy Birthday

  • stoerte -

    Happy Birthday Bro.
    Wish you all the best

  • s8freak -

    Happy Birthday my friend 0

  • ThemeDepot -

    Happy Bday Bro..... all the best

  • erichstan -

    happy birthday, God Bless u and family.

  • Simplycity -

    Yeah! Happy B-Day!

  • stoerte -

    Happy Birthday and all the best

  • Kenneth Linebaugh -

    Hello ,, it's Patsfann.... can't find superbowl theme ,,, not really wanting / needing another messaging app. Not sure if that is only way 4 theme ,, thank you guys for all your time and awesome work !!!!

  • Ufo71 -

    Thanks Bro this community is very great , no xda... important I have 4 ROMS (FOR S5 SM-G900F/N3 SM-N9005/A5 2015 (all variants) and I working on S7 .If is possible open this threads? Because for some devices (example A5 and Note3) I not see the specifical section.

  • Simplycity -

    Ufo71, really great job, with theme thread! If you need few posts just after OP, reseve it quickly. :)