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Dear Echoeneans!
We are proud to introduce to you Echoe Cloud .
It is new baby in our home, please be forgiving to it. It will grow pretty fast, but from the start please get acquainted each other.
Echoe Cloud is a system for file sharing. You can find very useful stuff there. It is made to let you download what Echoe can offer.
It has ability to upload files, too, but if you want to have such access, you have to ask for permission.
In root directory you will find "EchoeCloud_Rules.txt" - please download and read carefuly.
In case of any questions - ask Team Members.
Echoe Non-Stop Original Development
  • s7freak -

    Sochu I'm using Sanoc69/Miguels Rom right now same base and no M settings
    Miguel has his own Mod settings.
    I have Advanced messaging yes but no WiFi calling it f/c Miguel is looking into it.

    • Sochu -

      which rom is that? just curious. I am still on the hunt for the CSC's for the latest official AT&T firmware. BQA6, apparently this one currently is BQA4 so it might explain why we don't have the full feature set. Progress though!

    • s7freak -

      It's his personal Rom actually and not released.
      Yes progress and hopefully ATT releases Official Nougat soon and that will fix our bugs