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  • Simplycity -

    Jacek, 100 lat, przyjacielu! Zdrówka! :)

    • jackulus -

      Ha, przemiła niespodzianka, dziękuję bardzo! ☺️
      Masz już Air-y?
      Poniżej komentarz jakiegoś naszego chyba krajana we Forbsie.. ☺️

      "I received my Air earbuds two weeks ago. The sound quality, the fit and the Bluetooth connection is excellent. I was an early backer or these on Indiegogo and the 7 month wait was worth it. I’ve used the Apple Airpods and I am much happier and satisfied with the Crazybaby Air earbuds. Wish that I would have bought several pairs for friends and family memebers."

    • Simplycity -

      :) nie, nie mam…. Czekam… trochę długo, no ale wygląda że warto :)