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    I dont suppose there's any value in telling you I have an NHS diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder but I will tell you anyway. I dont think I've ever been passive aggressive in my life. If it gets me banned from the forum to send this message to you, I apologise but I wanted to put the record straight. I have been reading, every single post, all along. The described behaviour of the AT&T CSC issues and mine were different. I could not figure out what the issue was reconnecting data on Friday - my data was up and down like a yo-yo and it's never done that before.

    I phoned EE Friday afternoon and bollocked them over it, they told me there were 2 cell towers down. I bought that app to try and track what they were saying but I dont understand what all the numbers mean. Yesterday I wiped and formatted internal memory and reloaded everything from scratch in case it was my numerous attempts to fix the gallery. Then i posted for help last night in desperation. s7freak was right with his fix, it seems. Time will tell. We are going away mid-week next week or I would've kept playing with it myself - i needed a solid fix because of time running out.

    Because I've never seen behaviour like it, I didn't for a second think it was the S8 dialer that could have been behind the issues I was having. I was looking at EFS loss, imei issues, APN, faulty sim, all sorts because I did not think it was the apps. That's not you, or me taking a potshot at you, that's ME not understanding what was happening. That's why I asked for help.

    I was not and have never been passive aggressive in my life and I am sorry it came across that way. I am very upset by being accused of behaviour I didn't do. I'm sat here in tears because of it. Don't think I will ever post here again.