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  • trishull -

    Dear Zarti. I'm very sorry if I have falsely accused you. To me it seems that you shared the kernel with 2000hugo. Please accept my apologies.

  • zarti -

    I've been for 2 years in HTCManía with my Huawei Ascend Mate quite active, sometimes in XDA and only one time here... Just when Friedrich got angry and decided not to participate anymore with the V29 for the Note 4. So I don't have anything to hide. A few weeks ago I bought the Echoe App just to show my support and I don't like either stupid posts from people who are just too lazy to read or to try by themselfes whatever to know the new rom better. I've tried the V29 and right now I'm on the S7 port. Both are wondeful. Thanks for this great work to all the Echoe Team Members. Keep your good work up and don't let you bother by leechers or thieves. Actually this is just another proof for your wonderful roms.