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  • Spitfire400 -

    Happy Birthday to you !

    • roy72 -

      Thank you my friend

  • Darkwing_x -

    Happy birthday my friend.

    • roy72 -

      Thanks my friend

  • ThemeDepot -

    Happy Bday bro

    • roy72 -

      Thanks bro

  • dwarfer66 -

    Hey mate can I get an invite to GOOGLE PLUS ECHOE COMMUNITY please.

  • s8freak -

    Roy I'd like to refer Craig aka ChimpNippl3s he's a straight up guy and i've explained everything he needs to know.
    I'm not sure how I go about referring someone or who to contact.

  • aaatso -

    Roy, fast question. New kernel. Help me with settings again. Pictures please

  • aaatso -

    can you help me

  • YukiChan❄️➃ ➄ ➅ -

    And now the avatar fits your title. :rofl:

  • Darkwing_x -

    Lol i've seen it right now. Recognized Food Expert.
    Really great

    • roy72 -

      Yeah that I am my friend