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  • Kyri -

    I know it will sound paradoxical but i really like you, and i like your contributions to the forum. I want you to feel free to continue like before but pls my friend read carefully my announcements...

    • manikant_09 -

      Sure i will and thanks for everything. I will make sure i will contribute more and right now i am on a family tour and you don't know the saddest moment during tour was my 10 minutes banned and was like a body without soul. Hopefully after coming back i will try to make a theme for personal use and if i am able to complete it then i will sure share with Echoe family like what i used to share with xda. I have released two themes and one unreleased theme(was fed up with xda moderators and users) on xda. This will be a small contribution to Echoe community. Can't promise but i will try as i recently have lost my wife a biggest lost to my 4 year small daughter and my family and so i have to look after her. So if time permits i will sure do. Thanks for all.