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  • Rradhic -

    Greetings madame... I am knighthawk in the forum. I seemed to have been banned from accessing the private forums. My last post was for 4.3 kernel.
    Can you please help me out bu returning my access coz I don't understand why I was banned.
    Tnx much...

  • Zukisami -

    Hi @Yukichan456,
    I am a Diehard Echoenian and registered as 'Patrick Mathenge' in Echoe community private forums but due to Google plus sign in problems (since the 12th March 2017, google admitted errors after their routine maintenance program) I've not bn able to access the private forums. This's not the first Google has done this. To avoid problems in signing to echoe in future, i re-registered to the echoe community as 'zukisami' so that I'll just be using a useename and password to login. I kindly request your approval to the Echoe private forums as 'zukisami.
    Mathenge Patrick
    Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Neitred -

    Can I get a invite for the G+ community.

  • safendi -

    Can you give me a private access at ael kernel note 4 port note 7?

  • samirbondhu257 -

    I am with echoe from since i hade s5 and i m silent member can you please give access to private forum note 4 and s7 edge and my xda user name is samir_patel1984

  • gritzo -

    Hi yuki, can i get an invite to google + community? Thanks

  • turilo -

    Sorry the email was sal.cicero.40@gmail.com thanks

  • turilo -

    Hi may I please get added to the Google community. sal.cicero.40@gmail.com

  • Equiptech -

    Yuki... Can I get an invite to the Google community? equptec@gmail.com Thanks!

  • adamo86 -

    Hi friends i' m still invisible on g+ I did turn the circles on in settings. Any suggestions?

    • YukiChan❄️➃ ➄ ➅ -

      Strange, but it´s still the same. Maybe location related. Trying to add since a few days now. :(

  • qureshi909 -

    Can u kindly reactivate my access to private forums? I can pay via western union as paypal is not available in my country??

  • qureshi909 -

    hello. i am removed from the premium area? did i do something wrong?

  • dwarfer66 -

    Hey Yuki, whenever I try to type anyting it is a red area, not the normal black, and I can't post anything.

    Edit: seems to be fine now.

  • turbo111 -

    Hallo Yuki, can you please send me an invite to the G+ forum? per.gustavsson61@gmail.com Thx in advance.

  • SugBritt -

    Tank's my friend..!

  • SugBritt -

    I thought so.. Im visible for circels, im using my Janne.stalehammar@gmail.com mail..

    • YukiChan❄️➃ ➄ ➅ -

      Strange, but we will find a solution. You won´t miss anything. It´s a test project I started when the forum was down. ;)

  • SugBritt -

    Could you please try again? ☺ I really dont understand the G+ settings..

    • YukiChan❄️➃ ➄ ➅ -

      No. Still nothing. Did you follow SamuraiJack´s guide a few rows under this post?

  • Spitfire400 -

    Hiya Yuki, could you please pop out an invite for myself also, boab400@gmail.com. Many thanks

  • SamuraiJack -

    Big thanks for the Invite...

    ...and to all of you having trouble to be invited, change your Google+ Setting..

    Others can see who has added you to circles <--- allow

    otherwise, you can't be added ;)

    Have a nice Day all of you :)

  • SamuraiJack -

    Strange, thats my google account...


  • Mahatma -

    Hallo Yuki, can you please send me an invite to the G+ forum? I hope, this is the right place to ask.
    Thanks in advance

  • pulsar979 -

    Hi yuki, can y send me the invite to the g+ community? Thx in advance denebola31@gmail.com

  • SamuraiJack -

    Can you please add (invite) me for g+ SamuraiJack = okeck22@googlemail.com / okeck22@web.de

  • SugBritt -

    Mabye i wrote at the wrong place? Zorry..
    Would also be member of the G+..
    // Janne

    • YukiChan❄️➃ ➄ ➅ -

      Your mail does also not work. I don´t know why it doesn´t work for a few of you.

  • Premium72 -

    Hi Claudia, can you at my email address to the G+ list please?
    Thanx in advance. ..

    Is there a possibility to change my title to "Echoenian Bus Driver"

    Have a good evening

  • Simplycity -

    Claudia, Happy Birth Day! ps. Is it you on the avatar of yours? Or just a painting?


    TQ for accept me joint here :)

  • Seppal666 -

    Hi aus Wien. Was muss man tun um einen "Blauen Namen" zu erhalten?

  • emilio62 -

    Good morning, can i to have my status in blue color please? Tysm in advance

  • Salisburry44 -

    Ho yukichan456 is there any chance i can get access to private forum..