S6 Edge G925F Review

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    • S6 Edge G925F Review

      Hi Friends
      A few days ago i got my S6 Edge with 128 Gb.
      When i open the box i feel like xmas because that phone looks amazing.
      The speed ist amazing. I had just one problem. The battery drain was high after i rooted it.
      But shortly after that i got the first AEL Kernel and now the phone sleeps well.
      The preinstalled bloat ware can be uninstalled via settings which is a nice thing.
      For the moment i run the stock rom with ael kernel because i am not able to flash custom roms via flashfire. Others reported it works but at least not for me.
      Somebody created a TWRP Recovery for the Edge but it does not work for flashing roms. Back up and restore is working for that.

      I am sure sooner or later there will be more support for this amazing phone.
      We just need a little time.
      There is also a leak of the 5.11 Update for the Edge. It is reported that this Leak is locking the bootloader so in case you want to try you will loose root and at the moment you can then only downgrade the bootloader in order to root again.