Gear Vr Note 4 and s6

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    • Gear Vr Note 4 and s6

      As long as I still wait for mine I thought we should start a Vr thread where we can share information tips and tricks. Soo here it is.

      Little review.

      After arrival the first thing I had to do was copying the files to my bigger sd card (the one shipped is 16GB) and install the apps needed on my device. Be prepared that it can take up a bit until you can use it and please don't brake any parts with those shaking hands in the meantime...

      So after the installation process was finally finished and I got to the set up I was already completely sucked in. You have to make some initial set up (get to know the touch pad button and view angle) then you will be finally presented with the vr trailer. It's amazing. I can't say anything else. There are a couple of things available pre installed including trailer intro and some more things. The cool thing is that you can watch any 3D movie by putting it in the Occulus/Movies/3D folder (just create 3D manually and place the movies inside). Other movies can be placed in Occulus/Movies/whateveryouwanttocallyourfolder and run also perfect. Same goes for any music video or whatever other stuff you might want to place there. The experience his hard to describe but it's really amazing. As for games you have to wait a bit until more developers jump on to the fun. The ones which are available are promising though.

      The only downside I found was fixed on the s6 version of the Vr and is a USB port for charging.

      I hope that the review helps a bit and that the thread will be used for Tipps and tricks or your own experience :)
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    • Re: Gear Vr Note 4 and s6

      "tuckersmission" wrote:

      Nice Post Dude,
      I'm hopefully getting mine in the next couple of weeks. So excited. Question for you.... what's this screen door effect that people are talking about? Do you see it? Do you think it's a genuine issue?

      i think its a creation of somebody who needs an optometrist lol :D

    • Re: Gear Vr Note 4 and s6

      "tuckersmission" wrote:

      Short story for you....

      Aaaaaaarggghh. I really can't wait.

      The end.

      We've all been through this. Also when you know delivery takes 3 work days don't order on Friday... they send it Monday :x
      I had to wait because of that :D
      It is not said to get better if things change but for things to get better you need change
    • Has anyone else got a gear vr yet? I got mine not too long ago for the note 4, and the first thing i did was to try and hook it up as a screen for my pc :thumbsup: the only downfall for me is the lack of being able to power the note 4 whilst you are using it. But hey you can't have everything can you.

      Anyway I forgot to mention that if you disable the gear vr service, you can then use a lot of the other vr apps on the play store, such things as the cardboard apps etc etc, but the neatest trick is being able to now use the gear vr as a mirror for your pc screen, you do to use a server on the pc so there is a small amount of lag, but that is to be expected.

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    • GEAR VR on N4 Never Dies!!..anyone has a good synapse settings? echoe v29
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