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  • Some Simple Rules of this Forum

    Dear all,

    We are all adults and as such we expect to be treated as an adult at all times, with respect and so on.

    We made some standard rules to this forum and here are a couple of them thanks to Mussels


    2. If you dont like something, report it to a moderator. Dont stoop to a trolls level.

    3. Abusive language is not ok.

    4. If you dont like a moderators decision, contact an admin

    5. Do not post/use any avatars or images that contains nude body parts to respect the female population of the Echoean family

    6. No racism and/or Harrassment (Android Phones see no color, ethnicity or religion) will be tolerated!!

    7. Please post in the correct sections (for example: any support questions for the S4 Echoe Roms should go to the S4 TW Echoe Rom thread. No need to open new topics for support questions)

    8. ANY spamming posts (i.e. posts about selling viagra, porn, or any other bullshit spam posts) will be deleted immediately and the user as well as the IP will be BANNED PERMANENTLY WITHOUT A WARNING. We have added more than 43000 IP addresses on our ban list, gathered after hours of research on spamming IP's. This is the reason why your registration has to be first approved by an administrator

    9. The use of disposable email addresses will be not be allowed on this forum

    [center]Please note that these rules can be altered at all times depending on the type of problems we are running in to.[/center]
    live as if you were to die tomorrow,
    learn as if you were to live forever


  • Re: some simple rules on this forum

    Hello everyone,

    It is the meaning of this forum is to create a happy Echoefamily, so there's no place for trolls or other people who don't wanna follow this basic rules.
    We have no intention to create a "elite group" of Echoenians, everybodu is welcome, as long as the follow the rules.