Test of the Sony Xperia Z2

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    • Test of the Sony Xperia Z2

      Hi everybody,

      Since monday i'm the owner of a Sony Xperia Z2 (i've allready rooted the phone but haven't installed a custom rom yet ;) )
      Here are my first impressions:

      The phone looks great! Especially with the glass backcover. Too bad that you see all your fingerprints on it ;) Very clear and bright screen.

      It's bigger and heavier than the S4 but the grip is ok.

      Very responsive, no lag great batterylife (with default settings) Sound quality is very good, very fast to connect after a restart.


      Looks great
      Beatiful clear and bright screen
      Absolutely no lag, very responsive.
      Great batterylife (default settings!)
      Supports 128Gb ext sdcard
      Noice cancelling headphones are working great!!


      No removable battery.
      Default keyboard doesn't support AZERTY layout
      Sometimes the temperature can get high (known problem when recording video in 4K)

      Haven't tried the camera yet so can't tell much abouth this.

      My main reason to buy this phone where the excellent reviews and most of all the water and dustproof casing! Tested it and works (oef ;) )