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    • The Captains last journey

      Ralf Nöbbe
      30.10.1962 - 18.07.2019

      This Monday 29. began the last journey of our good friend @stoerte

      Words can't describe how we feel.. his family.. his friends we are all still in shock from the news and especially to his wife and kids we send our thoughts and deepest condolences.

      We think that if everyone would have only a bit of the character that Ralf had.. this planet would be a better place. Always truthful, always helpful and always fair. We will miss him very very much!!!

      For the funeral Ralfs wife Arlene asked for a bit of money instead of flowers for the education of his kids. I think the least we can do is help out as he would have done for each and everyone of us. If you want to help out either Bank transfer or PayPal works:

      Account holder: Arlene Nöbbe
      IBAN: DE75 2108 0050 0140 0897 00
      Reference: Education for the kids


      We thank everyone who helps out
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      It is not said to get better if things change but for things to get better you need change