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      Today we got the very sad news that the greatest of guys we were blessed to get to know is currently in the hospital with cancer.

      @stoerte is a dear friend and over the years he's been nothing but kind and helpful. There's not a single guy we know who's wiser, as fair or kind hearted.

      His wife contacted us because he wanted to say his farewell to all of us so we wanted to create a space where everyone has the chance to get to say goodbye or just send a positive message out to him.

      Ralf.. Cheers to you our friend. Whatever happens we are glad to know you and carry you with us in our heart always.

      It is not said to get better if things change but for things to get better you need change
    • would like to write a little poem in memory of a guy that touched us all ......our one and only El Capitan.

      Ralf you are a captain through & through,
      Taking to the sea's all calm and blue
      But sometimes the ocean got rough
      However as a captain you said tough

      I'll fire up the engine and set to the seven sea's
      As that's where my heart is, it's where I'm free.

      On your days off you roared up that bike
      You had a huge smile, captains delight.

      We all know you as a guy ever so helpful & bright
      We will never let our captain go and out of sight

      So with this said In our hearts you will remain

      You are our captain and Ralf is your name....

      God bless you our great great friend....our captain forever.
    • Ralf is a role model..

      One of the strongest, most courageous men i have ever met..

      A wise man..

      The Captain of this team.. the captain of our hearts..

      There were so many instances when i went to him for advice.. for his wisdom.. if Ralf said go for it i did.. if Ralf said "dont" then i didnt.. if Ralf said "Kyri stop fucking up", then i would just pause and rethink of my direction in things.. thats who Ralf is for me..

      A truly gentle giant..

      A great guy.. an amazing friend ... a role model..

    • The last time we spoke I bragged about the finance of my note 9.. not to him but that it didn't go through.. all he said was it'll be fine .. and of course it was... :)

      Also I got the 1+1 through Ralf as well as a rebate for the note 9 and my Galaxy watch.. not to forget my s7e rom and the list goes.. what a guy with the best of souls
      It is not said to get better if things change but for things to get better you need change
    • Hi Ralf,

      es tut mir in der Seele weh zu hören das es dir so schlecht geht... :( wir wussten zwar das es um deine Gesundheit nicht so gut bestellt war, aber jetzt scheint es dir doch extrem schlecht zu gehen.
      Ich möchte mich recht herzlich bei dir bedanken, Du hast immer geholfen wenn es Probleme gab und den richtigen Tipp gehabt wenn ich nicht mehr weiter wusste.
      Ich verneige mich und ziehe den Hut vor einem großartigen Menschen und Freund, und ich wünsche Dir und deiner Familie alle Kraft der Welt um das alles durchzustehen.
      Ich bin in Gedanken bei Dir und wünsche Dir alles erdenklich Gute.

      Liebe Grüße von Frank alias bootmanager
    • To all my Echoe family and friends,

      I'm sorry for not being here in a long time. Since the passing of my mother last year I've been struggling with things. Again I'm so sorry to my Echoe family and to Kyri my friend I miss our talks.
      Ralf is also an Echoe family member I care and pray for. He is a wonderful person and in our hearts he will never be forgotten. Even though we may not meet face to face I know in the end we will meet in heaven. Love to you all!
    • Still in a shock when I heard it from his wife. He is 1 of the greatest people I had the luck to meet in our group. 1 of the kindiest, the helpfullest and he including all of our team helped me so much in the past where I had 1 of the darkest experiences in my life. I wish Arlene and the boys all the strenght they need to overcome this situation.

      The Captain will never be forgotten.


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    • Hi Ralf, I'm not that active rather than a silent follower in this forum but I know how much effort you put into the Echoe family. You're always helpful and didn't look down on people who are inecperienced. Even if they were a bit ingnorant, you always tried to motivate them in finding a solution.
      All the best to you and your family.
    • Ralf Is a great guy always willing to help people, and he made great things for our community.
      We will be thinking of you and wishing your family all the best

      you will be missed that's for sure
      live as if you were to die tomorrow,
      learn as if you were to live forever


    • I feared the day I would visit Echoe to read this goodbye. The day has come and I was right, I really don't like it. I keep typing, I keep using backspace. The're just no words to describe my feelings at this moment.

      All I can do is wish our dearest Captain a safe farewell and big thanks and hugs for all you've done for all of us
      Sent by my pissed off laptop, it wants to know when Echoe will arrive for Windows 10. dash