The Next S8+ Lottery

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    • The Next S8+ Lottery

      Welcome Everyone.

      Today (23th of June) is K'day. And because of that I would like invite you all to the Next Lottery.

      This time you gonna win S8+, 955F model.

      Please warm welcome our graet sponsor, my friend @makiao, really amazing man.

      Thanks to him The Next Lottery can run.

      Please read carefuly Second Post, where you find all necessary information about the phone, about lottery system and donation button.
      (all donations go to @makiao)

      Second Post will be updated as it was b4 in S7E Lottery.

      I also like you to know, that participating here you will support whole Echoe team.

      So lets The Next Lottery begin!

      :celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate:

      Thank you and wish you luck!
    • Lets start the Party!

      Hi Echoians,
      you know me as "The Echoe Silence"
      But today i want to be loud ;)

      Let's celebrate this K'day somehow special!

      As you maybe know, i won Simplycitys S7edge. YAY ;)
      But short befor that i got something else...

      I was now longtime thinking about how to say thanks to this Community.
      And then i got an maybe cool Idea:

      Because i love echoefamily and want to give something back,
      and because i still don't really like that "something else" i got, as much as the s7edge....

      Gues what....

      How about we do a lottery for this "something else" (Orchid Grey S8+)!!!
      It's like New, not rooted not flashed, no scretchs.
      Headphones, Charger etc unused.
      And you get a Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. Silicone Case to.

      Like for Simplycitys Lottery there will be some rules:
      - You have to be registered Echoe user
      - 20 Euro for each ticket (maybe you could think about that Paypal takes a part for them) :saint:
      - No Ticket limit for single person
      - 20 Days to join (Extended until July 31.)
      - At least 40 Ticket to sell to start the Lottery. (800.- €)
      (If we don't reach this, baddly all money goes back to you, that is clear. Of course.)

      BUT because i don't want to do any Profit here some extra "rules":
      -10% of the first 800.- goes to kyri to share with the team.
      -10% of the first 800.- goes to "Viva con Agua" who brings water to people who don't have.
      -Everything over 800.- goes 50% to Kyri and Team and 50% to "Viva con Agua"

      Buy your Ticket here: Buy your Ticket :this: :this: :this:

      (BTW: If you are new to Paypal and join with this Link: New User Paypal
      You and i will get arround 10€ each.)

      And tell me which Ticket you want:

      (17 sold, 23+ to go...)
      "All we know is... He's called the Kyri!" pleasantry

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    • I don't really need the S8+, but my wife needs a new phone. But also without that lousy excuse of a reason I'd like to participate. Just because I like the good causes and lotteries are fun.

      4VV96476JE920762L shows the amount for two tickets. When available the nrs 22 and 44 please.

      I really hope you don't have to sent the money back so the good causes win.
      Sent by my pissed off laptop, it wants to know when Echoe will arrive for Windows 10. dash
    • gaw wrote:

      makiao wrote:

      Yes it's still running.
      No Tickets sold since Monday.
      But maybe you don't like the S8+ ;)
      I am not crazy about the S8+ but i am already in the Lottery largely due to where the funds are going.
      Same for me it is for the donations and also so I can test some stuff for you guys. But i'm really waiting for the Note 8
      S3 (GT-I9300) ~ S4 (GT-I9505) ~ S5 (SM-G900F)
      S7 Edge (SM-G935F) ~ Note 8 (SM-N950F) ~ S9 (SM-G960F)

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