Pinned A message to a jealous liar (mwilky)

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  • A message to a jealous liar (mwilky)

    Since you decided to start a war with me and you are spreading nasty lies about me:

    1. We were never banned.. if you were not that stupid you would have checked my xda profile dummy. Between all of us we have prob 50000 likes on xda and all of the team's xda profiles are alive and active. Heres a direct link to my xda profile for your convenience:

    2. FP unlock mod i stole from you?? Lol :D
    Oh boy.. the "i fork peoples sources and call them a kernel" is making accusations lmao?? How is forking (i.e. copy/paste) renovation lol??
    As for your idiotic accusations, ask @Sanoc69 who gave me the guide you moron. (See attached picture for proof and date of proof). The same guide that was eventually published on xda and they give credits to @sanoc69 for it.

    3. Who are you again??
    When you check my xda profile, check android history you dummy..

    4. Get over it.. you can never be me. You have 87 members i have 12000.. you are really insignificant to all of us... You chose a really bad way to get yourself some publicity boy...

    5. Im waiting for proof or you are my next "boy toy" ;)