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    • Echoe Cloud all in one

      Welcome everybody!

      Main reason of this thread is to explain Echoe Cloud system rules and the way it works.
      Also, thread will be updated with description of files you may find there, which may look strange from the start.

      First of all, The Rules.

      1. You can upload ONE file fer time.
      2. You can upload only files, not folders.
      3. You can upload file without size restriction.
      4. You can upload file of any kind.

      5. You can not upload private stuff and use it as backup folder in any circumstances.
      6. You can not upload files not connected with Echoe.
      7. You can not upload porn, or any other material wich may harm anyone in any kind.
      8. You can not use space in filenames, bc it will not be stored by the system (NOT ALLOWED: "file", ALLOWED: "").

      9. Folders with RED background means those are private area.
      10. Access to private area avaible for all users in BLUE.
      11. Regular users can not access private area.
      12. Name of active folder (you are actualy viewing) is BLUE.
      13. Each file has MD5 checksum generated - it may prevent eventualy bad transfers.
      14. If you upload something, you have to check, if MD5 sum is right - please use free MD5 generator and compare result you have on your side with one generated by Echoe Cloud system.
      15. If checksum is not the same, you have to delete the file and upload it again.
      16. Same rules also apply to downloads - if you want to be sure your download is fine, use free MD5 generator and compare result you have on your side with one generated by Echoe Cloud system.
      17. To have access to Upload section you have to ask for (unless the managemnt decides otherwise).

      Second, visual explanation.


      Third, the way it works.
      - Echoe Cloud uses hard coding in Java, so to work with it without issues, your browser must have Java enabled and non restricted.
      - Cloud system will check, if you are connected from mobile or from pc and dynamically change its view.
      - It is designed to work on PC, so there could be some glitches while on mobile, but it is fully functional on mobiles.
      - Files are secured by the System, so there is no way to make a link for each file, bc every time you click on Download button, System generates temp file just for single download, that means each download is unique.
      - It is better to NOT USE download managers.

      Echo team will gradually expand the content.

      Feel fre to use it.
    • Content explanation.

      TOOLS folder:

      DualBootPatcherAndroid-9.2.0.r92.gf08505b-snapshot.apk - newest DualBoot apk - newest DualBoot utilities flashable zip
      - newest Magisk flashable zip
      - Mother Of All Add Block - modified "hosts" file flashable zip (includes huge set of blocked adds servers) with one last entry for Pandora; that last entry allows to use Pandora in restricted regions (actually outside US). This zip replaces your oryginal host file located in: /system/etc/hosts. If you plane to use other ADDS blockers, like AddAway, DO NOT flash it - AddAway will overwrite MoaAB hosts file with own entries.

      - app for changing root state, for systems rooted with SU
      - SimplyCity's flashable zip for making backup of content of SD card - it is very handy tool for backuping all your internal SD (/data/media/0/; /sdcard/); it is dual way tool: when you use it for the first time, it creates TAR archive of all your internal SD into root folder of your external microSD card. If you have TAR archive already created in external SD and flash the zip again, it will unpack TAR archive into your internal SD and deletes TAR archive - so be careful. It helps to have all your stuff backuped (like viper profiles, download folder, DCIM and everything you have inside internal SD) in case of failure or when you switch roms and wipe everything. After wipeing, your internal SD is empty, so thanks to that zip you may have all your stuff back in place in few seconds.
      - SuperUser flashable zip - SimplyCity's flashable zip for those, who want to pass SN while on Nougat with AEL kernel. It has to be flashed on non rooted system, after first boot, when DATA partition is ready for use. It is creating hex patch for ram disk in DATA partition during first step while flashing; in second step it is installing SU root, which uses that hex patch from DATA partition for pass SN. May not work in every case. To pass SN use RootSwitch- to hide root and remember to switch off debuging.