Caller echo on Galaxy S7 Edge

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    • Caller echo on Galaxy S7 Edge

      Good evening everyone,

      I hope I am in the right forum.
      I've a new s7 edge.
      Stock firmware no modifications for now :)

      Everything is working well.
      But there is one annoying thing.
      Every caller hears his own voice as echo.

      Only on normal phone, if I switch to speaker or use Bluetooth there is no problem.

      Does anyone know this bug? Is it a hardware problem? BTW. I don't use a case, this was the only thing I found on forums.

      Thank you so much!
    • Hi there could be several things to try..

      1. Make sure microphone hole in phone is not plugged with something, maybe try cleaning it with a toothbrush bristle, but don't push too hard.

      2. ServiceProvider, have you tried another?

      3. Reception or interference, is this problem happening everywhere, maybe try another or various locations.

      4. CSC, do you have the correct one for your country or service provider, are you urging Volte? Are there any advanced volte settings you can try... Maybe someone else on this forum can help with Volte?

      5. Firmware, do you have the latest rom, kernel, modem?

      6. Other caller, does this happen to everyone you talk to?

      7. Volume, have you tried turning down your volume?

      8. Your phone has a hardware problem, while it's under warranty get it fixed.
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