Flashfire to make an Odin file?

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    • Flashfire to make an Odin file?

      Wondering if it is possible to use flashfire and make a backup file to be able to use in Odin. I have went through the forums on chainfire and other places but I really could not get any exact instructions and I want to completely backup everything on my phone including settings and app data as well as my theme and how I have everything looking and set up to my liking?

      Device: G930A S7

      Processor: Qualcomm

      Root Method: Odin modified by prince

      Rom: Echoe Universal

      SuperSu Pro Ver: 2.78

      BusyBox Pro Ver: 1.24.2

      Flashfire Pro Ver: 0.53

      Xposed Ver: 3.0 alpha4 modified by wanam
    • I have never used flashfire, but Odin works with stuff signed by Samsung only, so there is no way to flash something like a backup with such software.

      If you need a backup, just go with twrp.

      It would be an unjustified effort but, if you have some skills in C++, you can look for the source code of heimdall and edit it to flash unsigned stuff. If you are curious, you can have a look to a post of mine. See xda lucaoldb heimdall and you'll find the link to github.