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      Now that @aljee77 and @Kyri are nearing endless customization through their ROM & SuperMod work, i felt it's time to have our own thread dedicated to theming our phones!

      Let us discuss our favorite icon packs,wallpapers,launchers and more!
      I know quite a few of us have a nack for theming and i can't wait to see your creations!

      I myself like my themes to be relatively uniform and clean looking, like my current setup:

      Quicksettings and Notifications


      As you can see, i like it simple and clean!

      But hey @Telescopium How exactly do we take a screenshot of our phone?

      Just press and hold the POWER (On the Upper right side on your phone) and the HOME (Also known as the Fingerprint button) button at the same time.
      After doing that you should see a small flashy animation and be able to see the screenshot within the Gallery app if so, you should be set to go for the next part!

      If you ever spot a really stunning color in a theme or an app and you want to use it yourself in the SuperMod but you don't know the HEXcode? Do not worry!
      Personally i'm a big fan of Pixolor! Just install the app and load it up. It will show you the HEX codes of your favorite colors live.
      Which means you don't first need to take a screenshot with your device and then open it up within the app!

      Apps like Pipette & Color Picker are also good, but they don't have that nifty live option. Hooray, options! :D

      Additionally you can spice up your screenshots by adding them within a render of your phone!

      To do that, i'm using an app called Screener Its a really simple and straight forward to use.
      Don't be shy and let us know if you need some help.

      Another app you can use is Hishoot2I which i have attached as a zip file including a render of the S7E. Just unzip and then install both APKS and enjoy! (You can find more renders on their Google+/Facebook pages, which you'll find within the app)

      Example of HiShoot2I:

      HiShoot2I Example

      Another incredible app you can use is Themer it completely alters your phone in such a way even Nova Launcher couldn't hold a candle to it! Try it out! It's a lot of fun!

      Anyways, this is just a small introduction.

      I'm looking forward to lots of healthy discussions and awesome screenshots of your work!

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    • This was on EchoeRom S7E v16. ;)

      For Governor and Sheduler infos. Take a look at
      this site

      Display Spoiler

      My Phones: Nokia 909, Motorola V3, ... Siemens S35, Siemens S45 . . . ( :hmm: can not remember) ... SEK750, SEK800, SEC905, Galaxy S1, S2, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 and now my

      Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F
      EchoeRom N v? with S7E AEL N Kernel v?


      Note 4 SM-910F
      EchoeRom v? with N4 AEL Kernel v?

    • Its actually not really theming your Android interface but your device itself and could be intetesting for some of you
      Heres a site of a german group doing custom iPhones and other smartphones:

      They also did this Unbox Therapy Edition iPhone, which is in my opinion really great:

      I made a request and they told me that they can make wooden or carbon back "glasses" for the S8 which looks pretty cool! They are made from real wood or carbon
      This are no cases, it will change the back of your device itself
      What do you think about it?