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      This topic is about the essential Apps & Xposed Modules we tend too install right after flashing a rom from @Kyri


      The first app is without any doubt an incredible alternative to the stock messaging apps on our phones.


      It's blazingly fast,easy to use and low on resources.

      Part of what makes it as good as it is are the very accessible UI and the vast amount build-in options to customize it entirely too your own likings.

      There's a one time in-app purchase you can make which disables the occasional ads forever.

      Le DPI Changer

      My go-to DPI changing app.

      Its intuitive colorful UI is the first thing that greets your eyes when you open the app. Combine that with a straight forward easy to use way to change your DPI (Multiple ways in doing so even!) and the ability to restore to your previous settings.
      Is what i believe makes this app the best at what it does.

      ES File Explorer/Manager PRO

      While the free version has been going down the drain over the last years, the PRO version has always been a consistent easy to use file manager.

      When you combine it with the gorgeous Material Theme it's hard to overlook this easy to use and feature packed genre-dominating app, albeit the small cost it carries.


      Perhaps the most known and best non Xposed ad-blocking app.

      Easy to use and straight forward. Personally best combined with a few Xposed modules which i will come back to later on.

      If you don't trust F-Droid, you can get it through XDA-Labs which is groundbreaking in numerous ways.

      Poweramp & Unlocker

      Poweramp is the most feature packed music player on Android, pleasing both audiophiles with its absolutely extensive options and the more casual music listener with its easy to use UI.

      Best accompanied with the V4A mod which comes with your ROM! Or visit @Simplycitys amazing Sound Mod thread.


      The most easy-to-use font changing app out there. Very reliable and it sports a gazillion fonts for us to choose from.


      Greenify is the most known app out there able to get you the most out of your battery. Packing quite a few interesting options. And you have access to even more settings through a one time in-app purchase.

      Best combined with Xposed (Experimental Features)

      Nova Launcher

      Nova Launcher is by far thé most extensive launcher for those who don't like to use Touchwiz or any other built-in launcher on their phones.

      Packed with so many options you'll be tinkering with your phones for hours on end, it's nearly endless.

      It makes handling your phone an absolutely joy.

      A one time in-app purchase gives you access to countless more options solidifying it's place as the number one custom launcher.


      A great looking keyboard with the ability too add multiple languages within the keyboard for the multilinguals under us. Making it easier to talk in different languages on the go.

      It's feature packed and comes with a few free themes plus the ability to buy premium themes.

      Also comes with a swift autocorrect and swipe feature.

      Titanium Backup

      It's basically so much more than just a Backup program. You're able to debloat your device by either uninstalling or freezing those pesky apps you do not like!

      It's a match made in heaven for everyone who loves to tinker with their phone.

      At first sight the UI comes across slightly chaotic but once you're accustomed too it.. There's simply not a better app out there.


      By far thé most popular text messaging app. I don't think it needs any further explanation. Get it.


      My go-to wallpaper app. It has everything ranging from the most beautiful photographs (City,Nature,Urban and so on..) to the most vivid looking material-like wallpapers!

      Includes a ton of wallpapers exclusively made by the Backdrops team. You get to unlock these and more by a one time in-app purchase, for basically the price of a cup of coffee.

      Zooper Widget Pro

      Zooper Widget Pro is truly an essential app for those who love their widgets and want more than the few widgets Samsung offers us.
      You're able to create your own widgets from scratch through a myriad of options presented to you in a fairly clean fashion. They're near endless really!

      Or you can download a Zooper Widget from the Play Store and then alter it entirely to your own likings. This is a great way to understand the app and learn how to create your own widgets in the future!
      Unfortunately, the PRO version is thé must have version as most widgets available on the Play Store will only work with it and not the free version.

      Despite upholding a little price tag there's simply no substitute for Zooper Widget Pro, and the amount of widgets,options and very lively community more than make up for it.

      Developers with awesome widgets to look out for:


      Milan Dragovic

      Grey Territory:

      Lucky Patcher

      Alright guys, let's be upfront about this.

      Amongst the vast abilities of Lucky Patcher it also has the ability to fake certain in-app purchases.

      Now, i am strongly against this. We should always support the developers of our ROMs,Kernels,Apps & Themes. Even outside of our Android eco-system this is something we should do.
      Those who know me on these forums know that i always support the developers.

      Aside from that Lucky Patcher is a sort of mini Titanium Backup and by that i mean it's able to backup,freeze,restore and move all the apps on your phone + you have the ability to remove ads by patching them.
      It also gives you the option to change every possible permission of your apps whenever you please so.

      The UI of Lucky Patcher comes across fairly disorganized, the black background and vivid colors certainly don't help at first either, making it seem like an age old Android app..
      While its UI could do with a more modern look, which would help with the public strain this app has to endure due to its "special" option.. Give it some time and you'll be flying.

      Whenever you have problems with your apps, Lucky Patcher is the one that will solve it for you.

      SD Maid (Pro),
      SD Maid is a gorgeous multitool.

      After having a fairly basic UI in the past the developers have listened to their community and they have completely revamped SD Maid.
      It's now absolutely gorgeous sporting a clean black,grey & green UI.

      You're able to delete the remnants of apps you thought you've entirely deleted before,
      it sports a built-in file explorer which for all intents and purposes is fairly good. Although a more dedicated solution like ES File Explorer is preferred.

      It has a built in scheduler so you can freshen up the internals of your device (Apps & co) whenever you please, for example while you're sleeping.

      The free version contains a handful very interesting options and the PRO version actually boasts "PRO"-worthy options, which i most definitely vouch for.

      This is such a handy little tool, and it actually does keep your phone swift and running.


      What is BusyBox?

      Well, BusyBox is needed for some if not most apps which require root for example apps like Titanium Backup, by adding much needed functionality to your phone under the hood.
      While essentially it is "useless" to you as the end-user as you can't do anything with it physically, It most definitely comes in handy for all your apps with root.

      If you want more information about it visit: BusyBox

      The Free version should be enough for you, the PRO versions boasts a few more options including backups and more regular updates to the app.


      CPU-Z is an app that showcases all the system information you could ever desire from your device.

      It's a quick and easy way to read information about your device and to troubleshoot issues. Ranging from the weight of your phone,software,hardware to a complete live rundown of every single sensor on your device.

      Think of this app as an extremely in-depth "About Device" page which can be found in the Settings tab of your phone.


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    • Android Essentials


      What is Xposed?

      Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. Like some sort of mini-apps which do not disturb your system at all.

      If you are unfamiliar with Xposed and i'm assuming you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge download this onto your phone: Xposed Installer (Topic on XDA) (<3 you @Zorian)

      Once installed click on the "SAMSUNG" tab and then select "Xposed-v86.1-sdk23-arm64-custom-build-by-wanam-2016079" go ahead and install it!

      Once you've done all that and followed the onscreen instructions you should be ready for the next part.. the modules!

      You can find all the modules by clicking on the three little horizontal lines in the upper left corner in the homescreen of the Xposed Installer and then by clicking on "Download"

      Remember when i mentioned AdAway?

      Well, as good as it is there are quite a few really helpful modules which supplement the app:

      MinMinGuard - XDA Topic

      Adblocker - XDA Topic

      UnbelovedHosts - XDA Topic

      Time for another module:

      App Settings - XDA Topic

      This is a very interesting module as it can visually change pretty much everything about your apps.

      You can individually change the DPI of any individual app you choose, you can prevent any app from being seen in your "Recents" tab and it has many more features!
      Although it is mostly used to fix the DPI from your Camera app after doing a system-wide DPI change through
      Le DPI Changer or any other app like it.

      It seems like support has fizzled to an end by the original developer but a good samaritan at XDA has created version 1.13 which works splendidly on our devices.

      It's attached to this post or you can also freely download it from the modules XDA topic.

      Amplify (Battery Extender) - Website

      This is by far one of the most popular modules.

      Personally i no longer use it anymore, but you are able to improve your battery life through this module by controlling the wakelocks,services and alarms on your phone.

      It sports a very crisp bright UI which in turn is also really easy to use.

      If you are having (unexpected) issues with your battery or you want to squeeze the most out of your phone, you really can't go wrong with trying this module!

      A one time donation gives you access to all wakelocks,services and alarms, enabling you to precisely finetune your phone.

      Smart Network - XDA Topic

      Personally Smart Network is really essential!

      It's able to completely turn your phone into a "brick" when the screen is off and even on if you would desire that. No more syncing, no mobile data usage, no wifi.. It turns it all off.

      It sports a gazillion options, which sadly enough arent all too well explained within the app itself, but give it some time and you'll learn to appreciate this quality module!

      PerfectColorBar - XDA Topic

      This module tints your statusbar in the same color as your apps, giving it a clean and refined look.

      Really easy to use and sports a few interesting options!

      There's another very interesting module which generally sport the same idea:

      Flat Style Colored Bars - XDA Topic

      It sports a few more options, but it also comes with an in-app purchase to unlock all of them.

      XTouchWiz - XDA Topic

      You can more or less compare this with the SuperMod from @aljee77 and @Kyri but on an Xposed level.

      It has a few options the SuperMod doesn't have and vice versa.

      Youtube AdAway - XDA Topic

      This is one of those truly essential modules. It completely removes all the clutter and ads from YouTube.

      At times the ads do come in, but this is a sort of side-project from Wanam. He regularly updates it when he finds the time.

      Play Store Fixes - XDA Topic

      After changing the DPI of your phone the Google Play Store might think some Apps and Games are not compatible with your phone. This module fixes that for you.

      Youtube Background Playback - Github

      The name says it all. So simple yet so essential.

      I think that covers most of the essential Xposed modules out there!

      A few little extras to accompany our S7 Edges:

      - Dual Speaker Mod from ZuBi182 - XDA Topic

      - ZeroCamera Mod from Zeroprobe - XDA Topic

      I've attached all version 17 levels (0 - 4)

      I've attached ZeroCamera Mod v5 (Exynos!)

      Dual Speaker for our Note4 910F friends:


      If you have everything installed and running exactly how you want it to be do not forget to backup your entire system!

      Just reboot into your custom recovery which will probably be TWRP then you can proceed by tapping "BACKUP"
      After doing that you will see:


      (Auto Generate)

      Select Partitions to Backup:


      If you prefer to change the name of your backup file tap on (Auto Generate) and choose a name you will easily remember. For example: "BACKUPSEPT2CLEAN"

      (Very Important)
      Please make sure you also select "EFS" to be included in your backup as protection for and to avoid loss of your IMEI number

      A few months ago some Echoe members went through a lot trying to get their IMEI back after losing it due to flashing certain things..

      This topic (At XDA) should help you out if you have issues with your IMEI

      The backup you have just created can easily be found in the "/SDcard/TWRP/BACKUPS" folder. (Use ES File Explorer for this)

      If you want you can either move the folder containing your backup to your external sdcard or move it over to your computer!

      If you need to restore a backup just reboot into recovery tap on "RESTORE" then tap on the backup you need and swipe!

      If you copy the backup you created back onto yourr phone, make sure it's in the same "/SDcard/TWRP/BACKUPS" folder.

      I think this should cover most of it and help you in the right direction after a clean flash or just to get some ideas about apps & modules!

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    • Dear @Telescopium.....a big huge and much thanks for this nice thread :!: :thumbsup:

      I'm using a lot of the mentioned apps -including xposed - for a long time...others will follow for sure.

      Another powerful app is Lucky Patcher. You can disable ads, change app permission and a lot more.

      Because I don't like Smart Manager, I'm using L Speed and SD Maid for cleaning.

      What is your opinion about it ?

      Greetings from a sunny Germany
    • Mahatma wrote:

      brommau wrote:

      I am using Lucky Patcher and SD Maid too. But I don't think that these apps are helpful for noobs.
      Learning by doing. Everyone was once a noob. In many aspects I'm still a noob.So you can make backups and begin.
      You are right.
      Learning by doing. Everyone should learn on their own errors. :lol:
      I do not own a Sammy device anymore, but soon. :S
      So I only read this forum. And I will stay here! :rolleyes: