Injustice Theme issues

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    • Injustice Theme issues

      Hi Guys, new here and just installed the Echoev14 and love it so far! Played around it much for couple days, and I can't figure out how to change the font color from black to white in SETTINGS. When I click on EDIT in SETTINGS it does show white font on black background... any help appreciated, thanks very much!

      Some glitches I noticed that were solved be restarting the device or uninstall/reinstalling:
      1) downloaded WPS and it would not move when hard-pressed. had to uninstall-reinstall for it to budge
      2) uninstaller [root] app lost root access after first try uninstalling some bloat. fixed by uninstalling-reinstalling.

      Some issues I can't solve:
      1) Bathman theme APPS icon cannot be moved when hard-pressed.
      2) All-in-one toolbox, DU battery saver, tasker and some others cannot have access in accessibility - gives (Unfortunately, Settings has stopped). Only Kaspersky can have access. [not sure if this is because i did something myself]