Raport bug s7 edge rom 910f

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    • Raport bug s7 edge rom 910f

      I know I'm new and do not belong to me right to inspect the theme associated with s7 edge 910F. ROM is great but I detected in him a problem. I do not know whether it was reported. In total darkness, the camera gets FC when trying to take a picture. Just obscure the lens so that the image on the screen was black and then get the FC when taking pictures. I'm sorry that it says here but I did not know where to report it.
      My English is poor and I do not know if it clearly described.
    • man.... you may be in trouble... out of time... out of place....
      I guess it takes a Noob like me to understand your problem.
      Why people take pictures in the dark is a mystery.....but I do it.
      I never took a shot in the dark with s7e port part 1.... but I just tested it on s7e port par 2 and is working fine. No fc.
      Read first page again and flash from start.... it may help.

      By the way.... when battery is low the flash will not turn on.
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