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    • Flashvetrin aka: Marcus... A sad time for all

      I apologize if this has been posted in here. I have been out of town on a work assignment and found this news via (that other site).

      Anyhow, out of respect to the off-site "Linking" rules. For anyone else out of the loop. I feel it is only fair to share this as flash was also active here on Echo:

      Bajanman wrote:

      A message from his wife, for those wondering what happened to our friend.
      On Thursday September 10th 2015 My husband unexpectedly passed away. While at work Wednesday afternoon He was having chest pain and was rushed to the hospital, after being seen by the doctor they found he had a torn carotid artery, He went in for surgery to stitch it up but they would not hold, his surgeon worked on him for hours and was unable to save him. MARCUS was a caring, loving husband, an incredible papa to Trinity, a father, son, friend and meant so much to so many and will be missed by all of us.

      Thank you

      And a link (Flash's photo album)

      A great man and will be missed by many! I have no words left.
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