Headphones from House of Marley

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    • Headphones from House of Marley

      On my search for a headset for my new phone. I found headsets from House of Marley.
      These headsets are mostly made of natural material like wood and recycled aluminium. I like the policy of them to be enviromental friendly.
      According to reviews on Amazon their Quality is great as well. So i ordered mine yesterday.

      House of Marley EM-JE013-MI People Get Ready In-Ear-Kopfhörer midnight

    • Re: Headphones from House of Marley

      My Headphones just arrived. Design is great and the sound as well. Aside of the headset i had a nice bag for the headset and as well 3 different sizes for the different ear sizes.
      I choosed the version with the mic and plus/minus button. On the S4 i can answer and end incoming calls just the plus/minus buttons dont work as they are made for the iphone.
      On my one+ i can answer a call but cant end it. When i press the button during call the mic is switched off.
      Maybe i find a way to make it possible to end the call as well.
      The sound is really nice the bass is great. On some songs even a bit too much but you can adjust the sound.
      I will see how it works out