Review of the New One plus One

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    • Review of the New One plus One

      Here i will write step by step an review of the new One plus One 64 Gb .

      I received my invite for buying it by surprise (didnt expect any) on July 25.
      After a little discussion with my wife ;) i ordered it in the evening.
      The price was low compare to the hardware .
      Until it arrived it took me 10 days where i had time to read about the phone and its possibilities.
      After a week i got nervous waiting for the phone
      Finally on August 4 i had it in my hand. A small envelope with the boxed phone and a charger in another small box.
      In the box was not that much. Just the phone wit the mini USB cable in stylish red color , the phone and a small device to open the sim tray on the side.
      There was no written Manual and no headphone incl.
      For that price it is ok for me.

      The size of the phone is with 5,5 " big but not as big as expected.
      I will upload a pic with the S4 beside it.

      Anyway the phone has a nice grip and the weight is very nice.

      I could not resist to root the phone and mess around with it.
      As everybody knows the phone has only a build in Memory of 64 Gb and a build in Battery. Actually i am not a big fan of that but i found out that i can use my OTG SD Card Adapter from the S4 here as well. Now i can make nandroid backups on my external sd card and have the full memory for my stuff.

      The battery looks not bad so far. Over night i lost 1 % of the battery. Sounds promising to me.
      So now time to have a coffee and breakfast. Will update later
    • Re: Review of the New One plus One

      After one day of use i come to this conclusion.
      The phone is great. I need to get used to the size but i like it a lot.
      The camera app is a different one to the normal CM11 . She has more Features like 4K Video and Panorama photo .
      Battery life is in my opinion great. My phone is used now for 30 hours and battery is down to 26% .

      Just a few remarks on the phone.
      If you need a external Sd card then you can use the Adapter which i used with the S4 as well. It works great. I use it to make my nandoids and to transfer stuff between the computer and phone.
      Signal strength is a little weaker compare to the S4. This is maybe the missing band on the One+ . On the S4 i had LTE in the house and on the One+ H+ but this is ok for me.

      Over all the phone is worth the price . You just need to change your behavior for flashing etc. Rooting is done via Computer and fastboot either adb or with a toolkit which i used.
      A little more about the Rooting procedure i will write in the next post. In the meantime i will try also some different roms on the phone to look what i can get on for it.
    • Re: Review of the New One plus One

      Rooting the One plus One

      I found on the net different ways to root the One+One

      First you need to download the files needed.

      You can find the things either Here (i use this) or here (German) . On XDA they have as well some guides and different toolkits to unlock and root the phone.
      You can find here
      There is also everything well explained.

      Important : If you unlock your bootloader then you wipe all your data

      You will need to do following things on both ways. Enable debugging on the phone.
      To get into the fastboot (i would compare this with download mode from S4) you need to switch off the phone. Then press Volume Up and at the same time the power button till you see the Fastboot

      In the mentioned links above you can find all the necessary explanations and How To.
      As i said i used the toolkit from oneplus forum which works nice for me. Just choose the right file for you (16GB or 64Gb)
    • Re: Review of the New One plus One

      The last 3 days i was testiing some different Custom Roms which are Liquidsmooth,PA 4.5 Beta1 and Eos Rom. All of them are nice but for me they are boring.

      I like to have the cm11s with some small adjustments . CM11s works great so i will start building something for me.
      My idea is to have the basic CM11s with some Echoe Ringtones and as well the Echoe Bootanimation and Shut down Animation. What i like to have as well is the Centerclock with date and maybe seconds and as well the possibility to change the color of the battery and clock/date like in liquidsmooth and as well the Settings where i can change the resolution.
      I will try to figure out how to do it and will start a CM11 Echoerom if i can manage it. for the start i will insert the ringing tones and bootanimations if somebody can send them to me. And then we will see where it leads me
    • Re: Review of the New One plus One

      I will update this thread regulary with new things i find important for the phone. Later i will test as well some Roms for it and write about my experiences.
      If you have Questions then feel free to ask away. I will try to answer them
    • Re: Review of the New One plus One

      "stoerte" wrote:

      So i tried to include the bootani from Echoe but without success . I found out that in CM the bootani is made of single pngs. :(

      You might be able to make your own custom Echoe boot animation, maybe convert a current one to mp4 then use the pngs?
    • Re: Review of the New One plus One

      A small Update to my review after one week of use.
      I tried a lot of different ROMS but yesterday i had my disaster. Something went wrong and i lost my EFS folder,meaning no IMEI and no baseband.
      Big shock as i had no nandroid anymore because i deleted them.
      It took a few hours until i figure out that i used an unofficial TWRP Recovery which is able to safe the EFS.
      So i bought online an recovery program for my pc. I was able to recover a backup from my sd card (used as Backup medium via OTG) Next step was to flash again the unofficial TWRP. After endless waiting to recover the backup i finally could restore the recovered EFS via TWRP and i had my phone back working.
      Big relief.
      I write protect the backup now on my pc together with a file for the TWRP in case they stop working on it.

      [glow=red]If you will use your OPO with Custom ROm then first back up your EFS either with the mentioned unofficial TWRP or via sideload as written in the threads ( Didnt tried that)[/glow]
    • Re: Review of the New One plus One

      Guys if you have a chance to get a hand on this phone. Take a closer look. It is an amazing piece. I use it now since nearly 3 weeks and it works like a clock work. The only downside is that i dont have LTE at home because they dont have Band 20 (?) . Rumors say that they are planning a new version with an improved LTE . That would mean for me that i buy a new one. ;) For that price it is easy to handle.
      The other problem for me at the moment is that i didnt find a rom which i like so much that i keep it. I am testing regular new one but nothing can keep me for the moment. And doing a own Rom seems more difficult for me as i need to learn much more but i am short of time due to the kids.