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Description and Guidlines

We are proud to introduce to you EchoeBay - an internet exchange-trade platform for Echoeneans. Thanks to it you may share stuff to sell or ask if anyone have something to sell you wanna buy.

As Echoe and whole Echoe Team are not producers nor sellers of any phisical stuff, nor equipment - in contrast to ordinary shops, e-shops - posting here each user must agree, that sharing stuff for sell and buing them, is based on seller and buyer trust and all potential disputes between sellers and buyers can only be resolved between them, and between them only, without any involvement of Echoe, excluding responsibility any of Echoe Team member. To avoid problems, only way of payment we can accept is to operate using PayPal platform. That means, each seller must own active PayPal account, which may be used by buyers to perform the payment. PayPal gurantees correct transaction with all necessary data of both sides. There is a must, that items shared here are the sole property of the seller, without any executive title or other persons rights.

EchoeBay, the sales platform we introduce, in its assumptions is intended for sharing hi-tech stuff, it is not ment to be flea market in any kind.

You may share: phones, tablets, accesories for them, PC stuff, photo stuff, AV stuff, electornics gadgets.

It is forbidden to sell: services, clothes, porn, software, any other stuff, that are not fit in hi-tech definition.


1. You have to be recognized Echoenean.

2. To sell stuff, you have to have your own, active PayPal account.

3. Any new sell must be marked with (ACTIVE) at the end of thread name.

4. Each seller must describe as much as possible the item, best with real photos.

5. Each seller should describe price for item in EU or USD; prices can be negotiated in regular conversation or by PM.

6. Each seller, if sold item, must edit own original thread with annotation, that sales ended, giving real sold price to public, and change thread name from (ACTIVE) to (ENDED).

7. We, the Team members, reserve the right to edit posts or delete them if we notice that the rules are not followed.

8. Also, we reserve the right to extend Rules and Guidlines if needed.

Final agreement

By posting here, you agree, that you got acquainted with the above and declare compliance with the applicable Rules and Guidlines.

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