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Dear Echoeneans!
We are proud to introduce to you Echoe Cloud .
It is new baby in our home, please be forgiving to it. It will grow pretty fast, but from the start please get acquainted each other.
Echoe Cloud is a system for file sharing. You can find very useful stuff there. It is made to let you download what Echoe can offer.
It has ability to upload files, too, but if you want to have such access, you have to ask for permission.
In root directory you will find "EchoeCloud_Rules.txt" - please download and read carefuly.
In case of any questions - ask Team Members.
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Recent Activities

  • monkteo -

    Liked Simplycity’s post in the thread Guide to DUALBOOT for S7E & S7Flat.

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    Quote from gaw: “Quote from Simplycity: “Quote from gaw: “so for SN to pass on patched rom, use SuperSU? ” Unfortunately, you can't pas SN on patched rom. Bc you need to hide root from SN, and that is impossible on patched rom. Please read again…